Dress Code


Entrada at Snow Canyon Country Club is an exclusive, highly rated, private country club with an award winning clubhouse. It is expected that members will choose to dress in a fashion befitting the Club's surroundings and atmosphere. Our dress code can best be described as "Country Club Casual". While the phrase should be sufficient to describe our dress code the following provides additional clarification. It is also expected that members and the Inn at Entrada will advise their guests of the dress code requirements and ensure that their guests meet these requirements. Exceptions to this policy may be made for members or guests whose medical conditions require such accommodation.

The Club staff's focus is to deliver an Exceptional Country Club Experience and our staff should not be put into the position of having to enforce our dress code standards. Members and guests are expected to comply with these requirements and should understand that if the requirements are not met that Club staff may have to ask that those not properly attired leave the premises. While club staff will make reasonable efforts to accommodate a member or guest that is not properly attired, all members and guests are expected to conduct themselves in a manner expected at a private country club. Abusive comments to staff will not be tolerated. All comments or concerns are to be directed to the Club General Manager.

General - Appropriate casual country club attire is required throughout the public areas of the clubhouse. Shirts and acceptable footwear are required in all club facilities, except in the locker rooms and pool areas. Any attire that is permitted on the golf course is permitted in the clubhouse. Although the Clubhouse dress code specifics do not apply to children ages 12 and under we request that children of all ages be dressed presentably.

Dining Rooms:
In addition the following exception to the golf course attire will apply:

Grille Dining Room and adjacent patio areas:
  - Blue Denim fabric "provided that the denim is not bib-style, tattered, frayed, distressed by design or not, excessively baggy or stained) is permitted in the Entrada clubhouse any time and in the Dining Room
     - Dressier style casual non-collared shirts for men and women are acceptable provided that they are clean, not faded, tattered, baggy or messy appearing.
     - While we request men's hats, caps and visors be removed, they may be worn (with the bill facing forward) in the Grille Room and Banquet Room during golf events and other areas of the clubhouse (pro shop and offices).
Acceptable Footwear Explained:

Shoes or sandals:
sandals, including thong types, that are fabricated with leather or synthetic materials that have a designer appearance are acceptable.
Beach-style flip-flop sandals are not acceptable:
this can be defined as flip flops that are the inexpensive drugstore/discount store type that are primarily for use in sand or water, that do not have designer look decorations and are fabricated using thin rubber or plastic soles.

The following provides a general outline of clothing items that are not acceptable:
- Tank tops, midriff tops, fishnet tops, cut-offs and similar indiscreet clothing.
     - Basic cotton tee shirts (undershirt style shirts) particularly those tee shirts with printing or graphics, including souvenir tee shirts, etc. (Club-approved logoed tee shirts sold thru the Entrada Sports and Fitness Center may be worn as well as the collared Pickleball shirts as long as members and guests are otherwise properly attired.)
     - Sweat suits, pants & shirts; tennis shorts & skirts; fitness shorts and tights; and similar athletic wear.
     - Swim wear, including swim cover ups.