Fitness Fees

2018 Family/Guest Facility & Pool Day Pass

Sport & Fitness Guest Policy

All membership types will receive twenty (20) Free Fitness Center Guest Passes which will be issued annually and can be used for either Sponsored or Accompanied guests. Once the free passes are used, only “Direct Family” guests will be allowed as Sponsored guests. There are no restrictions on the number of Accompanied Guests a member may have. Free guest passes are not transferrable. A “Family Guest” rate equal to a 50% discount off the accompanied guest rate shall be established for direct family members who are an accompanied or sponsored (unaccompanied) guest. “Direct Family” is defined as grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren and the spouses of said family members. The family guest rate does not apply to uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc…

Unaccompanied Adults $12; 50% off direct family member
Unaccompanied Child under 12 $6; 50% off direct line family member

Spa Service Fees

Massage- 50 Minutes$95
Massage- 80 Minutes$115
Massage- 100 Minutes$140
Massage- 50 Minutes in Home or Inn Room$135
Massage- 80 Minutes in Home or Inn Room$160
Head Hands Feet Massage- 50 Minutes$95
Facial- 50 Minutes$105
Facial- 80 Minutes$125
Pedicure- 50 Minutes$60-$70*
Manicure- 30-40 Minutes $39-$49*
Deep Tissue Massage- 50 Minutes$100
Deep Tissue Massage- 80 Minutes$125
Hot Rocks Massage- 50 Minutes $100
Hot Rocks Massage- 80 Minutes


Hot Rocks/Deep Tissue- 100 Minutes$150
Absolute Bliss- 80 Minutes $140 

Personal Training, Private Pilates or Private Tennis Lesson:
Lesson Type
50 minute private instruction$70
50 minute private Pilates instruction$70
50 minute private Tennis instruction$70
30 minute private instruction$32

Pickleball Clinics
Pickleball Group Clinic$20
1 Hour Pickleball Private$60

Services Available

Pricing subject to change without notice. For most current rates, please contact the Sports and Fitness Center at 435-634-8100.