Private Lessons:
$100.00 per hour (Adults)
$70.00 per hour (Juniors 7-17)

For registration, dates, times contact:
Doug Roberts, PGA
Director of Instruction
Entrada at Snow Canyon CC
(435) 986-2208 (Golf Shop)
(435) 669-9297 (Mobile) Text requests are accepted
Clinic Options

Ladies Clinics:
These popular 1-hour clinics focus on advancing golf skiss athletically for all levels of players. Different golf shots are covered in a comfortable environment. Improvements are customized to each player's ability, personal playing needs and on-course tendencies. $30 per play, maximum 5:1 student/ teacher ratio.

Men's Practice with a Pro: 

Assisted practice for all levels of players. Our PGA Staff will organize personal practice on the range for each participant. The ability to coach yourself, own your swing and make slight adjustments as needed are keys to playing better on the course. These 1-hour sessions can alternate between all full swing shots, wedge play and putting . $30 per player, maximum student/teacher ratio. 

Driver Camp:

This 2-hour session begins with great setup fundamentals to hit the long ball. Using the Flightscope Launch Monitor maximizes the distance and direction of each player's drive. Clear all misconceptions abou tyour driver and make it the favorite club in your bag! Driver camp is open for men and women, all ability levels: $120 per player, maximum 4:1 student/teacher ratio.  

Wedge Camp:

This 2-hour session focuses on chipping, pitching, flop shots and greenside sand bunker play. Wedge approach shots from the fairway are also included. This one is guaranteed to sharpen your scoring game skills. Wedge camp is open for men and women of all ability levels. $120 per play, maximum 4:1 student/teacher ratio.  

Putting Camp:

This 2-hour session focuses on all the ingredients of becoming a great putter! Green reading, perception of line, speed control, direction control and developing a professional routine with confidence. Putter fitting concepts are also covered. Putting camp is open for men and women of all ability levels