Articles by Doug Roberts

Athletic Personality
Golf Resolution
Reducing Slice and Hook of a Golfer
Three Basic Parts On Course Golf
Ball Above Our Feet
Good Miss
Rhythm and Tempo
TPI Philipsopy
Ball Below Our Feet
Short Game Options
Traits of Great Putters
Ball in Hole
Learning Impact Begins with Putting
Short Medium Pitch Shot
Uneven Lies
Ball Position
Long High Pitch Shot
Short Range High Pitch Shot
Uphill shot
Bump and Run
Neutral Grip
Simple Jim Flick Message
Visual Video Training
Custom Neutral Grip
Neutral Posture
Small On
What's on Your Player's Card
December Golf
One of Golf
Smash Factor
You are your own Swing
Playing Approach Shots Into the Wind
Swing Hard or Swing Easy
Fairway Woods
Playing Cross Winds
Target Awareness
Fall Member Golf Clinics
Practicing with a Purpose
The Hybrid Putt
Finding Neutral Posture
Proper Setup Alignment
The Low Wedge with Spin
Finding Your Straight Ball Flight
Putting Options
The Memorial Tournament
Golf- Good Stimulus for the Brain
Quality Beach Time
Three Angles of Approach